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There are seasons for therapy or medications, but you can learn actually build resiliency skills in your daily life. There are many tools to help supplement your own curiosity of yourself. Below are some of my favorite recommendations to patients...

Here, I critically explore the way we are conditioned and how these ideas impact our daily lives. Much of my lens of inquiry come from trauma, Buddhist, and indigenous teachings. 

Books are some of our richest resources. These readings can help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself. I recommend getting them at your local library as either physical, digital, or audio books. 

Life is nothing more than practice -- unfortunately, many people are reinforcing unloving and fearful patterns. Grounding practices can help us develop the safety and presence to ourselves and our relationships. Here are my favorites guided meditations...

Journaling is poetry for our souls and subconscious. For those inclined to write, here are some useful resources to help you understand your mind, your feelings, and determine what you want to change.

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