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Our Resiliency Model

You Deserve to Feel Whole

When you were born, you were already whole. Due to the structures and philosophies of control and power in the systems we live in, from large systemic structures we don't see (e.g. capitalism, racism, sexism) down to our communities (church, cultural identity, healthcare system) and family, to our intimate relationships, we all have been shamed from being our authentic selves. To feel safe and belonging, you have developed a plethora of defensive mechanisms and compromises, but they're no longer working as you continue to move further away from your integral self. To get back to your sense of self, we have to slowly recognize how things truly are, what we can change such as expectations, boundaries, communication styles, and how to let go of patterns, behaviors, thoughts, that do not represent your integral self and live in peace. 

Integrative medicine is an intentional approach to respecting the body, mind, and spirit. This is "wholing" so you understand why you are here on this little globe within the vastness of this this celestial landscape. 

Guiding Principles:
  • We do the best we can under the conditions we are given.

  • Often the conditions we find ourselves in are extremely stressful, and this significantly affects our experience in the world.

  • Under extreme stress, we often do things we would not normally do. These behaviors may seem irrational, but when seen in the larger context, they are understandable and reasonable.

  • Mental health and physical symptoms are often a message to us, which if understood and learned from, have the potential to liberate us from our suffering.

  • Many of our greatest skills and internal resources (resiliency skills), we may not even be aware of yet.

  • Through various practices we can learn dive into the depths of our own psyche and heart to unearth some of these extraordinary gifts.

What is Resiliency?

Resiliency is the innate capacity to cope with and recover from difficulties...think of a rubber band being stretched and snapping back into its original form.

When you have resilience, you harness the inner strength that helps you rebound from a setback or challenges. Imagine a healthy adult with emotional maturity, perspective, and a deep respect for the self. If you lack resilience, you might dwell on problems, feel victimized, become overwhelmed or turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Based on resilience research, our care focuses on 4 important pillars of wellbeing:

  • Immunity (stress response)

  • Nutrition

  • Mind-body connection

  • Community


4 Pillars of Wellbeing


Enhancing immunity

Disease and dis-ease are stressors for our bodies and minds. Our immune system is a network of biological processes that protects an us from invasion of microbes or potential threat, which can cause diseases. If we learn to work with our own immunity and modulating stressors, we can build a robust terrain against invasion.



Food is medicine and plants are our teachers to our physical body. Our ancestors knew this best, but our current Western culture and diet has removed us from our own ability to to eat in a way that heals the body. We can learn to appreciate nutrient dense foods and restores the body to a low-inflammatory state. 


Mind-Body Connection

The body is a vehicle for us to navigate our physical world and the mind is the driver of the car. Without the mind, the vehicle would be stagnant. To better navigate this world, we need to understand and appreciate the mind, how our emotions are guiding us, and change our conditioning to function optimally. 


No child can live without community, but many have learned the world is an uncaring place and will grow up living in deep loneliness and despair. As it exists now, most communities exist under conditions of control and fear, but we have the capacity to build a different world. With intentionality, we can build places of safety, love, and compassion. 


Concrete Wall

We are Building a Community of Trust

We are setting higher expectations for ourselves to show up authentically for ourselves and our communities. 


Here are our values *: 

  • Do No Harm: we move towards the path of least harm for ourself, others and the planet 

  • Honor the Nature of Life

  • Honor Self-Care

  • Honor the Whole Self

  • Honor Collaboration and Cooperation

  • Honor the Natural World

  • Honor the Mystery

  • Honor Diversity

*developed by Braided Wisdom

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