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Meditations and Mindfulness

There are many options, right at the tip of our fingertips to begin on your mindfulness practice. Why do we call it a practice? Similar to everything else we want to improve, it takes time to build a resilient mind and body. Feel free to check out these free resources, some insurance plans also offer free guided meditations as well. 

Great Meditation (Youtube)

For those more spiritually inclined, this meditation channels offers soothing guided meditations with a somatic focus. 


Balance (App)

This app is free for a year. There are two wonderful features: it adapts to you and you can choose between a male or female voice to support you with stress, sleep, and mindfulness. 


Calm (app) and Youtube

The Calm app is free to download and some free content is available, but a paid subscription to Calm Premium unlocks access to Calm's entire content library. Calm has options for different guided meditations and nature sounds. The Youtube option is free. 


Some days are not sitting days. If you're filled with energy, consider a mindful walk inside your home our outdoors. 

Blue Water
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