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Asian Mental Health Collective's Lotus Therapy Fund helps Patients Access Therapy

Therapy is expensive and often out of reach for most people. Asian Mental Health Collective created the Lotus Therapy Fund to help the Asian community afford psychotherapy therapy with AAPI providers. They providing funding for 8 free therapy sessions with providers.

Often times in my own mental health journey, I wasn't able to find an Asian American or BIPOC therapist because they didn't accept insurance and their cost was out of reach. Even though I had Kaiser insurance, they wouldn't provide me with individual mental health psychotherapy because I was "functional"and I ultimately couldn't relate to those in their group sessions, who were more often older White middle class men and women. Fortunately, when things were really hard, I was able to access an amazing psychotherapist, a Chinese American woman in Berkeley through the Frontline Workers Counseling Project (FWCP) who was providing pro-bono COVID front-line staff with mental health care. It was so impactful to learn more about my feelings, manage the incredible stressors, and start tapping into the understanding of my childhood. She helped keep me afloat during some of my hardest times so I know how invaluable it is to know where are patients/clients are coming from.

I am grateful to be a part of the Asian Mental Health Collective, as well as a clinician for their Lotus Therapy Fund to still be able to provide free mental health care for those may not be able to access it otherwise.

Generally speaking, the selection process for this program operates on a needs-based and first-come, first-served basis. If chosen for AMHC's Lotus Therapy Fund program, you will become part of a community of Asian individuals who will receive financial support for the equivalent of 8 therapy sessions in a given round.

Registration is open until March 31, 2023 for prospective Asian American clients and patients.

For those who are interested, please apply here.

For clinicians who are in need of therapy, FWCP merged with Therapy Aid to provide free or low cost therapy.

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